June 2013 update


Heeey guys! here’s an update from me: I’m taking spring courses, my last exam is next Tuesday then after that it’s summer break for me~~ my parents aren’t supporting me so a lot of my spare time goes to working in order to pay off my student loan.

Each and everytime I get active online my grades greatly suffer afterward T_T gotta get dat 3.6 GPA haha~ It’s really hard to balance school and life (not like highschool days..), mostly studying and doing hw/projects/labs eats away a good chunk of my time. I feel so sad that I can never find the time to update this blog nor watch anime/read manga even if I wanted to.

In the future I’m going to be studying super hard to try to get into law school so I been thinking a lot about closing down this blog (in a few months time) or else I won’t be able to move on with my life. I also been distancing myself from people online, maybe it’ll make it easier to say goodbye when there’s not a contant pain in my heart (I hate farewells ><). The reason why I'm not closing this blog right away is bc there's still stuff I want to do, like read eyeshield21, watch clannad and others xDD

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