Jan 2013 update: The blogroll

nights Elimination time! jk
Okay after going thru my massive load of emails, I noticed there were a few who wanted to do blogroll exchange. I think I should make it more clear; I don’t accept random blogroll exchanges!..especially from random strangers who I’ve never heard of, never commented etc. (at least we should get kno each other first!). So yeah please don’t send me blogroll exchange emails, I won’t respond to most of them unless I know the person.

And also! there were wayy too many blogs in the blogroll, so I cleaned it up today. I want to keep only 25 for now, it was kind of painful to take some out. Whoever you see in the blogroll right now is either a) friends who I like and we talked on twitter or msn/skype or watever..just had some kind of convo xD b) the ones where I never comment, rarely talk to but I like their blog content enough to keep them on the blogroll. ……sooooo.. if you were on the blogroll and I took you off and it really hurt your feelings, please let me know! xD

6 responses to “Jan 2013 update: The blogroll

    • hmm well atm I’m super busy with uni with my assignments&quizzes so probably not for 1-2 weeks maybe. I’m spending my spare time trying to catch up with the fall/winter shows like 8 series and as soon as I finish that then yes I plan on updating maybe every week/month or something I really have no idea yet T.T

  1. I’m glad you still have me as an ISSS…..RESPECT MUCH APPRECIATED!

    Alas, my ISSS may be on it’s last leg at last…. Trying to get to a million hits first…..at least…. *cough*…..*cough*.

    • haha no problem xDD and good luck with that! I’m sure if you put more porn related content you can definitely attract lots of ppl lolololol!

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