Aug 2011 update

Yes I’m alive XD

HELLO ALL! Sorry I been gone for so long, I had stuff in rl to do and it took me a month longer than I expected.

here’s an update! you may or may not have noticed I made BM private for like 4 days cuz I was trying to look for a new theme, in the end I gave up XD well I made a few new banners w/ photoshop (as you can see below) and decided to put more effort than usual. I think my photoshop skills improved!


Also I decided to draw another ‘about page’ picture thing, it looks so cute now x3 (Here’s the old one if your interested)

It’s almost 3am so gotta sleep soon, errm I guess tmr I’ll go watch some of the summer shows and everything else as soon as I get home.

22 responses to “Aug 2011 update

  1. The banners look really good in my opinion… also cute.

    Yeah, the downside of is that you can’t really upload your own theme and customize it to your liking. There is a Custom Design upgrade that allow to customize the theme, but it costs 30 dollars a year ($2.5 per month), not sure if it’s worth it.

    • Yay thankyou!! I feel so happy right now :3
      2.5$ per month?? wow didn’t know that o_o it seems pretty cheap but then it would be bad if I don’t customize the theme constantly.. and + I might not even last a year XD

  2. Wow! Good work on the awesome banners Cake! I hope you don’t work to hard and take some time to enjoy things. I know everyone over on Metanorn miss you on twitter and other stuffs, well we did chat on MSN xD

    Take care!

    • LOL thanks foshiee, I’m like lacking off soo much lolol XD but def enjoying my summer break haha. What? what are you talking about.. I rarely talk to anyone at Metanorn~ lol JKJK. Ohh yeah we should chat on msn MOAR.~~ just whenever I can get on >;3

  3. Firstly, glad to hear you’ve returned! I was starting to get worried….

    Secondly, kyyyahh! I love your banners, they are all so awesome and absolutely adorable/beautiful :D

    • Hehe thanks!! :3 I’ll always be alive somewhere just not blogging. I spend lots of time on surfing on youtube and such so you can always find me there xD.

      D’awww thank you for your kind words! >w< omgosh so many ppl like the banners, I should make more *u* <33

  4. Welcome back! I got a shock when I saw your blog become private, lucky I decided to check it out again today. Sorry, it sure took me long enough to realise your blog is back up again. Either way, your new banners are nice! :)

    • Thanks stary >w<
      Oh that! well I guess this theme kinda updated by itself while I was gone.. I guess the creators added it on. When I was putting the banners up I noticed that new feature XD

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