Ao No Exorcist – 02

Episode 2~ Gehenna’s Gate
Summary: Father Fujimoto and Rin runs back to the church, Shirotori gets repossessed by Astaroth and comes after them. Father gives Rin a sword and explains some stuff, the rest of the exorcist guys fight Astaroth and barely survives. Satan possess Father Fujimoto and drags Rin to the Gehenna gate, Father regains control, he stabs himself and dies. Rin draws out his sword and destroys the gate. Everyone attends Father’s funeral. Pheles Mephisto shows up after getting phoned, he agrees to help Rin become a exorcist to kick Satan’s ass!


20 responses to “Ao No Exorcist – 02

  1. The second episode was indeed sad at the end but as a whole it was filled with action scenes, running, running and… well, running. HOWEVER, I’m not sad at all since we got to se so many cute sides of Rin animated. I agree, the manga has an indeed fabulous art but the animation was pwetty good too! Rin looks so much cuter (yeah, cuter) with those sharp ears and teeth; not to mention his tail <3

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the next episode because we get to see the rest of the interesting characters of this story and Yukio being less composed…

    • KYAAAAA~~~RIN!!!! <33 all the running made everything so intense, mostly this ep was all the depressing side of Rin D: I still can't get over what happened ;_; I think the animated looks better than the manga anytime, especially the blue flames x3 but yeah Rin's more cute than ever before ^_^ I feel like doing a really good fanart pic of him but I need to see moar Yukio first xD and pretty excited for the new characters! it's prolly all those other kids that were in the preview right? I like the little blond girl, she's pretty! *u* ~ finally some Yukio screen time!

  2. I haven’t seen it yet but I know the manga so it’s okay =P OH THE SCREENSHOTS ALREADY MAKE ME TEARY!!! ;_;

    “I have to admit Satan is a great villain, what’s the best way to make a grand entrance? possessing one of the coolest characters and killing him off. ”
    = “Satan/Lucifer” characters are supposed to be good villains. He’s THE Devil, after all.

    “It made me raise a brow after seeing his very immature personality, he doesn’t fit the ideal father at all~ and what does he want with Rin anyways? live together with his son for all eternity? XD ”
    = Of course he can’t be the “ideal” father ‘coz he’s EVIL!!!! xD And hhm… I think Satan’s aim is to go to our world usign Rin’s body, not to live with his son. The Devil doesn’t love or care.

    I’m happy when a series is being true to its religious references, even if using these on fantasy elements~

    • N00000OOO! Sapphire you should have seen it animated! it looked better than the screenshots can ever be ;_; you gotta watch it! you gotta watch it soon! Oh god! I pray it never happens, the thought of Satan being in Rin’s body is worse that Rin being in a pink mahou shoujo costume!!!! x_x Satan… what a evil guy, hes worse than kyubey, I hope Rin gets rid of him soon.

      Lol I like it too! all the religious stuff is so cool~ exorcism always scare me a lot… demons possessing humans in rl would be more scary ;3

  3. It is sad that the Father have short lives. He is just way to cool to die early in the series. He is like a father to Rin as well. A touching moment on the 2nd episode will make Rin to move forward.This will be a story of a son killing his true father. Not so bad is it?

    • Yes I just reeeaaally wish that Rin and Father Fujimoto had some last words with each other >__< he died without hearing Rin call him "Dad"~ I guess this is why you treat your parents good bc you never kno what will happen to them ;_; I'm glad Rin got over it quickly. The story idea is definitely really uniquee!~ :D

  4. Ooh this episode was interesting.It kinda reminds me of the One Piece opening except I guess Shanks doesn’t die.

    I knew he was going to draw the sword eventually but he still looked like a complete BADASS. I’m so jealous.

    The moment where he said he wanted to become an exorcist even thought he’s the son of satan made me think of Hellboy. HEllboy is a demon but he fights for the good guys using his “evil” powers.

    Also the moment where his dad was dying seemed to have a Priest kind of vibe in it. You know how in Priest the demon dude sometimes takes over his body and he has to fight for control.

    LIke Eri I can’t wait to see the side characters introduced next episode.

    • I haven’t watched One piece ever before >__< but it sounds kewl! lol yeah inorite?? it was funny how Father gave Rin the swords and tell him not to draw it.. like duhh of course he will have too xD + Rin has a tail now too. lool cute <3 the badass scene only lasted like.. 10 seconds ;A: well there'll be def more of that soon ;3 ohh hey it does sound similar to hellboy, tho I haven't watched that either xD Yah I know what you mean, in this case there wasn't much of a struggle o.o I'm glad that Father didn't burst into flames like the guys in the first ep :0 I'm thinking there's gonna be less tension and all with the whole school setting stuff x3

  5. By the way I need to thank you because I just found a great K-On fan art from the link in your blog of the month ;D

    I’m not going to comment on Ao no Exorcist 2 just yet because I haven’t seen it ><"

    • The post for the BOTM will come soon! ^_^ lol no problemo! glad to help :3

      Thanks for temping to comment! I just hope no one spoils themselves by looking at the pictures, that’s my greatest fear >_< I know most peeps prefer to wait till the series is finished then start mathroning through. It's ok no rush, I get the post out too quickly coz I was really excited XD

  6. The graphic and soundtrack for this episode was superb! And I can’t wait to see what Rin could do with his cool looking katana. Have you watched the manga? XD

    • The music was lovely~ and graphics.. awesome! He’s prolly gonna slice demons with the katana, I wonder if he can hurt humans with it too o.o no I haven’t read it, I looked into it in the past but can’t remember anything >:D

    • Dun dun dun!~
      you finally watched the ep xD Rin doesn’t look scary at all in his demon form, unlike inuyasha haha

      The OP was nice, did you see the part where Yukio helped Rin get up and then he just walked away? LOL it was so funny I laughed a lot

  7. I bet, Yukio is blaming Rin somehow. I just know it =3=
    But I still love that character so much! He has 3 moles on his face and he wears glasses!!! *0*

    • YAH! he prolly is >< I bet he didn't kno that Rin belongs to Satan and gonna freak out and stuff~ ooo~ I see you like mature guys ehhh hehe I find the moles JUST A BIT weird looking. Hopefully there'll be more Yukio scenes in the next ep! :)

  8. One of the things that…well stood out…to me was the fact that Father Fujimoto gives him the sword, which he must keep with him even while sleeping, but must never draw. Never. At that point, I just knew that he was not going to go the whole series without drawing it. Lol, just a random musing.

    Anyways, I am deeply saddened by Father Fujimoto’s death. He may have not been his real father, and he may have lied a little, but in the end he was a nice person. And besides, earlier this episode he was TOTALLY badass.

    • LOOL YEAH I know! Father Fujimoto prolly didn’t want Rin to awaken~ but Rin needed something to protect himself with so I guess that he knew that as well….pfft keep it when him while sleeping? that’s like…impossible to do! such high expectations u_u yes Father Fujimoto will be missed deeply~ I hope Rin turns pretty badass too! >:D

  9. Kinda funny that, after all the serious stuff that went down this episode, the next episode looks like school life comedy. I was not expecting that preview after all the carnage and his dad’s sacrifice and whatnot.

    • I guess that most shounen series are like that D: this is why I keep watching~ I wanna see more Satan and all but guess that’s not until the end. I hope the seriousness can keep up or else we should start reading the manga xD There’s about 24 eps I think so expect to see a couple of fillers too :3

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