I’m addicted to chipmunks singing

Holy crap he can play really fast! even my fingers would be tired after ten seconds. The way he plays is really hawt ;3 I hope I’m not the only one who thinks so XD

14 responses to “I’m addicted to chipmunks singing

    • Even when I watch it now, it’s like O_O amazing!~~
      lool yeah I bet the female Mio cannot even play as fast as this >:3

  1. I’m in the process of learning this song but being a lazy guy I am, I’m not getting anywhere XD

    As a note: for anyone who doesn’t know I was inspired by Mio from K-On to play bass guitar, left handed as well since I’m left handed too. Pretty kool~

    • You gotta practice harder! forget all about the internet and your life >:D playing on the bass is pretty hard~ wowow your left handed?? me too! thats so cool >w<

    • Yahh he played soo fast O_o must have taken years of practice~ lool and speaking of fun… IT’S FRIDAY! FUN FUN FUN XDDD

      • ahahaha I’m astounded by how much time you think that would take to learn just because of how cool it looks :P I’d say he took about a month. It doesn’t take long to learn how to play for a song. I usually take 3 days to learn my part in the song.

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