My attempt at drawing on the computer~

My failed attempt at coloring

Drawing on the computer is a lot harder than I thought it would be, actually the drawing part wasn’t hard but it’s the coloring that takes such a long time. The experience is pretty similar to what it’s like drawing on paint, I spent half an hour trying to color the Domo shirt alone, I kinda just gave up in the end, the details, highlights and shadows would take too long (you can tell that the background only took 2 minutes to color).

I kinda just made up this character as I was testing out bamboo, at first I thought I was trying to draw a stick man but I couldn’t resist adding some clothes, hat and even a background. Drawing on paper is definitely a lot easier.

A remake of the BM logo, *unfinished*

Next I decided to redo the banana Muffin logo, the current one was done by using paint and this one here is the one I just made~ it’s unfinished right now, and it looks like I still have a long way to go before I’ll be able to draw like Beta-Waffles, maybe I’ll start putting some comics on here too :D jk.. I’m not very good at being funny XD

12 responses to “My attempt at drawing on the computer~

    • Yours looked similar? wow that means one day I’ll be able to color really nicely! I think I’ll have to practice a lot! I got my drawing books from the library, just haven’t read it yet xD

  1. I can’t really draw all that well (at least not on computer, my stuff on paper is marginally better – you can always tell when I post something that was based on a paper sketch). I actually cheat a lot – I tend to “ink” in Painttool Sai, using Vector pen layers so I correct anything which looks wonky easily (it really doesn’t help that I don’t have a desk – it makes drawing clean lines hard when your tablet is balanced on your knee!)

    • Oh really? I didn’t know that o_o but still, you have skills XD being able to draw characters from scratch is pretty hard to do and without a desk too! wow! *.* I think I’m gonna start drawing on paper then scan it on the computer instead of trying to draw on the computer xD thanks for the idea!~

  2. I actually really stink at drawing, especially on the computer. But stickmen are fun to draw ( considering it’s the only thing I know how to draw ^^;)

    Love the domo shirt anyway haha

    • I’m pretty pro at drawing stick man too, they’re so simple~ its fun when me and my friends are playing hangman lool and sometimes perverted too lol XD

      thanks! I had a domo plushie on my desk and that’s where I got the shirt idea from xD

    • You sound really experienced xD Thanks for the tip! its really helpful ^_^ I used photoshop to draw the picture here so yeah I should have zoomed in but forgot all about that function >_>

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