Star Driver-09 Pink hair and Giant robots!

I dunno ask the other 8 that lost...

Episode 9!


Sleep over bath?! / Marino / Mizuno / It's a safe! / Love at first site? / Random smiles from Mizuno

Welcome back to Star Driver! this weeks episode throws in a pair of pink haired sisters into the mix to make things quite fun! we start with Takuto and Sugata sharing a bath together guess he stayed over in the previous episode? guess that is for the girls to Woooooooo over lol. Wako even messes with them offering to join them for a few laughs, we then join the two new additions to the show Marino the oldest sister and more calm and normal. Then we have Mizuno a wild and crazy girl who has a huge smile on her face which I rather like she looks to be a cute fun character. Mizuno arrives at the school riding on top of the bus, yes on top guess she doesn’t sit still often and she runs through the boys bathroom to open the window seeing a baby crow in danger. Takuto is also there and jumps from the window helping the bird, which causes Mizuno to follow after him and suddenly falls in love with him at first sight. Much later she is seen chasing the fox and latching onto Takuto’s arm.

New leadership? / Crazy mask face / yay paper! / Crux leader sad / Boys club / Kirahoshi!/

Meanwhile with the Crux gang they are suddenly visited by a new girl claiming to be the new leader, as we can tell its Marino and she is just messing around with them. I found it to be very funny watching the others panic a bit, She then tells the others they have found a way to revive fallen Cybuddy’s which excites everyone. The new goal is to achieve phase three and find the western maiden and eventually beat Takuto, the real leader is in some odd funk so leaves the rest to Marino. We also get to meet a few new members hiding in some secret lair but looks more like a bar, they play a round of darts to see who fights Takuto and a guy named Stick Driver wins. Yes what an odd code name! lol Marino is with her sister and gets a text to leave, she thin gives Stick the clearance to fight and he jumps into his Cybuddy.

Fight! / Wako and Sugata share a bubble / Huge mech / Spear vs swords? / Finish him! /

Stick jumps into the fight with a sword after getting it knocked from his hands he then switches to a spear and attacks Takuto. But Takuto proves his moves are nothing to be afraid of and cuts his machine in half, which later Stick complains about it not being a fair fight until they get the west maiden and learn phase three. After the fight Marino has a better understanding of Takuto’s power she the returns home to have a bath with her sister revealing a pretty interesting fact, Mizuno is in fact the west maiden and Marino tells her she will protect her and the episode comes to an end.

Extra Screens!

She had to do some "after school work"

Long neck is looonggggg

Dun dun duuunnnnn! crazy :D

Bus graphics got changed too! I like the glasses.

Hmmm sounds like drama will happen between the sisters....

Final thoughts

This weeks episode was great! I love the new pink sisters then again I always love wacky,crazy and oddball characters in anime. Marino’s character is kind of interesting with that big reveal at the end of the episode but I kind of had that in mind when they brought up looking for the west maiden, figured it was one of them so that was a bit predictable. But I like Mizuno more like I said before that’s the character type I enjoy the most, she did fall for Takuto very fast! but I won’t hold my breath for anything serious to happen between them.

Second half was full of lol random moments mostly due to Marino being crazy with the Crux members seeing them acting funny was a nice change to see. And learning they can now bring back fallen Cybuddys also has me wondering will they have Takuto fighting two or three at once? forcing Sugata and Wako to use their own machines to help him. That sounds kind of cool to see happen, also Stick Driver’s machine reminded me a bit of Gunbuster 2 with the odd cape on it’s back.

Well thanks for reading! see you next time..


2 responses to “Star Driver-09 Pink hair and Giant robots!

  1. hmm, I wonder if there’s a Fourth Phase or if there exists any other phases after the Third Phase. o.o
    I’m liking Mizuno because she lightens the feel of the show~ Lately, Star Driver’s been all about action and drama, losing a bit of its comedic element. So the timing of her appearance is perfect [for me].

    • Fourth Phase? I wouldn’t put it past this show to have a 4th phase sort of reminds me of DBZ and other animes.

      Yes agreed! totally like Mizuno a lot more just because I always enjoy that type of character.

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