Togainu No Chi – 08

Episode 8 “Rein”

Summary: Arbitro welcomes Akira to his castle, they talk about line. Before the war days the government planned Project Nicole for creating the strongest solider in a research facility ENED; orphans were used as test subjects. Researchers found a successful test subject: Premier whose blood is now the basic ingredient for line. Arbitro believes Akira and Keisuke were test subjects for ENED who had their memories erased, Akira is a special case where his blood neutralizes line thus creating a toxin that kills line users. Keisuke returns to his hideout with more line only to find Akira missing and goes to look for him. Back at the mansion Arbitro doesn’t intend to let Akira leave so Akira forces his way out and takes shelter at a abandon church where Motomi praying. While taking a look at test results that was stolen from Arbitro, Motomi reveals that he was a researcher for ENED, he tells Akira that line users cannot be saved. At night Rin swears to avenge his friends who were killed by his half brother Shiki. Rin gets tossed aside easily and falls down a bridge, Shiki gets away. The CFC (Emma’s group?) and Nikko Group is going to turn Toshima into a battleground, Motomi encourages Akira not to give up on Keisuke and is willing to help them escape including Rin, the next day Akira goes to confront Keisuke.

4 responses to “Togainu No Chi – 08

  1. Too much info that I couldn’t process it all. Akira’s blood rejecting line and then research and orphanages… gahh, this is too much.

    I wonder if Keisuke’s going to be saved although I don’t mind him being the way he is.. :3

    • The whole research/orphanages stuff was pretty new, but at least we understand what’s going on now :D I hope so >< he's pretty scary the way he is~ haha xD

    • There’s only like 5 eps left so I’m glad that a lot of the plot was given :D it makes the next episode seem really exciting~ lolol I love the idea too xD

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