Otome Youkai Zakuro – 07

Episode 7 “A Feline Home”

Summary: A woman comes looking for Agemaki and hugs him as soon as she sees him. The woman is Tae who works in the Agemaki household and came to bring him home. Zakruo does Agemaki a favor by hiding her ears and accompanying him to his home where she meets his sister Kumiko along with other family members. At dinner, Agemaki father talks negatively about spirits, his wife gets him to change the subject. Itsue is a cat spirit that lives in the house, she disappeared when Agemaki was little which led to his fear of spirits, with help from Zakuro she helps clear up the misunderstanding between Itsue and Agemaki. As they prepare to leave, Agemaki tells Zakuro the real reason why he brought her was to get to know his father better, his mother thanks Zakuro for helping out. As they leave in a carriage, Zakuro admits she was glad she came.

4 responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 07

  1. i kinda prefer seeing Ganryu and the twins. He’s got his own personal harem.

    Zakuro’s tsundere-ness is at least tolerable for the most part tho… this episode tho i had mixed feelings for.

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