Star Driver-08 Bros4life!

Epic bro fist! so powerful it clears the clouds away :D

Episode 8!


Sugata vs Takuto battle of the bros!

Poor Fish girl D: / Sugata being an ass to Wako / Crux girls chillin

Today’s episode starts us out with Sakana aka fish girl telling the rest of her story as she finishes the story she is asked to leave, well more like kicked out as he leaves her she cries. Then we join the Crux members chatting it up about Sugata’s cybuddy and how they can use it since he’s not really a pilot for them, they decide to use Shinada’s first phase power to “charm” him with a kiss which she did in the previous episode. Wako also has an issue dealing with Sugata as he kind of blows her off and walks out of the class. Takuto watches as the other students tell him they are in a fight together or something that Sugata is mad about their little date they had.

Fish girl chats with Wako/ Extreme close up there pinky/ Making out with photos../ Takuto and Sugata "talk"

While Wako is headed home for the day she catches a bus ride and bunks into Sakana as well as another new face a pink haired girl who has hair like a mop! well to me anyway… Sakana actually tells them she was in a giant bird-cage for a few days the others don’t really bring that up but listen anyway to her story. She says she was in love with the guy who locked her up, and he liked her she then leaves and catches a boat off the island and sings her normal song for the pre battle. Wonder who sings after she leaves?! probably Wako maybe, While she is on her way to leave Shinada makes out with a photo of Sugata in an odd creepy way. Sugata and Takuto in the mean time have a chat with their fists until they are pulled into Zero time to being a fight.

Guy "talk" / Shinada's first fight?! / Blue mecha transformation / Sugata hanging around

Shinada uses some strange thing on Sugata and captures him as he is pulled into the machine and begins an odd transformation changing from a small pink machine to a beefed up blue one. But that doesn’t last long as Sugata breaks free of the bindings and takes over and beings his fight with Takuto to prove himself or something like that. This was one of the better fight scenes for me anyway with Takuto actually taking a beating! was exciting to see.

Sugata has great kicking power / Charging at you! / Bro fist / Takuto has a powerful fist?!

While they fight Sugata mentions his knife is used to protect Wako not whatever Takuto had thought, guess he thought it was for killing himself? thats what I was thinking it was too..but that’s just me. The fight ends rather fast as they charge at each other and connect just fists, Takuto’s fist breaks appart Sugata’s machine and frees his friend defeating Shinada as they both leave zero hour. The episode ends with a odd heavy breathing section between Sugata and Takuto for a good twenty seconds they both do some odd smile at each other and the episode ends. Guess they are “friends” again? yay? Lol..

Extra screens!

Felt like I was watching Aquarian age during this...

Dude your mecha exploded into bad

Wooo new Crux member! maybe she will be the "crazy" one :D

Takuto probably wants to just be friends...

Final thoughts!

Not a bad episode this week nice to see Sugata and Takuto kind of return things to normal between them for now anyway, the first half was mostly talking and the Crux members trying to use Sugata’s machine for their own use. Also seeing Fish girl leave the cage and the island too makes me wonder who will take her spot? unless they go for Wako again, guess we will have to see how that plays out or the Crux leader might not need anyone like her again. Also they are introducing a new character with Mizuno she looks to be a bit of a hyper active girl we see her tackle Takuto lol guess he is gaining more fans!

Next week looks to be a bit of a comedy mix and of course more mecha fights, wonder if Mizuno will fight I am curious to see what her machine looks like :D she has some odd character design mostly that mop hair lol…

Well thanks for reading! see you next week!

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