Togainu No Chi – 07

Episode 7 “Sever”

Summary: *Backflash to when Keisuke ran off* Keisuke feels depressed after what Akira said to him, he finds line (the drug) and drinks it thinking that Akira would be happy if he can get stronger. *Back to present* Akira wakes up and finds Keisuke watching him, Keisuke admits to taking line, killing the people in the club and Takeru. Keisuke begins to taunt and kick Akira until he’s unconscious, meanwhile back at the club Arbitro and his gang investigates the murders, the witness explains that he saw Takeru licking Akira blood and choking in pain. Rin finds Akira and carries him to a bed, Akira explains the situation and Rin leaves mentioning that he has places to visit. Kau (Arbitro’s dog) brings Akira a invitation letter to dinner. While walking the streets, Akira meets N who asks him to deliver a black suitcase then walks off. Gwen informs Emma that they found N, and she decides that they’re heading over to Toshima. Shiki shows up to pick up the suitcase, he questions Akira about knowing anything about N or the suitcase and leaves.

                                                                                  Aww this is soo sad and sweet

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