Otome Youkai Zakuro – 05

Episode 5 “Sticky Trap”
Summary: Lieutenant Hanadate comes to a explain problem regarding government officials going missing from parties/balls and request that the Spirit Affairs comes to help out with the security. The gang’s mission is to find the woman who’s been luring away men, they get all dress up and gets ready to go. Hanadate asks Zakuro to dances and she agrees, a mystery woman catches his eye. Hozuki and Bonbori uses their magic to cast petals on every woman to keep track of anything suspicious while Susuki/Riken talks a walk outside. Zakuro gets bullied by 2 officers and Agemaki comes to her rescue, he comforts her when she cries. Ganryu/the twins finds a spider woman who’s been been killing all the missing men, Susuki/Riken and Zaku/Agem gets attack by identical looking mystery girls. Hozuki protects Ganryu while Bonbori fights the spider woman but gets defeated, Zakuro comes to the rescue. The spider woman taunts Zakuro about her mother and the truth about herself before disappearing.

4 responses to “Otome Youkai Zakuro – 05

  1. “how useless Ganryu is”

    Well he deserves that remark. There is no shame in being protected by someone stronger than yourself (especially from a giant spidercdemon), but, for all his boasting, Ganryu hasn’t demonstrated one strength.

    The magic petals were very cool, and do appear useful, but I think mind reading is a pretty good trick, and could come in handy during lots of investigations.

    • Yes exactly! even Agemaki reflects on his weakness rather than doing nothing. Yeah that’s true, both skills a weakness, like if the petals are destroyed then the caster gets hurt and the mind reading – the person needs to have a strong emotional mind or else it would be difficult to work~

  2. I rather think that was harsh myself, I think what he regrets most is that they put their safety ahead of his. I’d actually be angry in his position, while watching one sister fight and likely get killed when another could help but chooses not too because of me.

    • He provably also regret not being able to protect them at all, maybe because of what happened, he’ll get stronger :D yeah I would feel like that also :(

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