Star Driver:03 Swords and pool cleaning?!

Glowing eye must be something epic going down..

episode 3

Third episode in! today’s episode has Takuto and his new friends going to clean Kanako’s pool on her large ship that doubles as her house ( a giant cruise ship! ) Takuto needs money so he agrees to help his friends tag along of course to give the pool a good clean. Kanako also has a large pet crocodile ( hmmm sounds like another anime ) after some crazy fun moments involving the vice pres, Takuto has a friend fencing match against a fellow student named Takashi ( Nooo not HoTD ) who wants to be the new leader of the secret group. After some persuasion by one of the maids working under Kanako Takashi gets his mech on and prepares to fight the pretty boy.

Flashy scenes happen between Takashi’s mecha and Takuto’s as both of them swing around large energy swords! ( nice artwork during this battle ) Takashi actually gets in some good hits vs the pretty boy actually knocking him over, but of course Takuto doesn’t stay down for ever and quickly summons another sword from his chest. ( got any more..swords!? ) Takashi looses his fight and turns in his badge and happily walks away, he doesn’t seem as broken about it like the previous pilots were about loosing. The episode ends with Wako texting a friend about Takuto if she things he is cool or not which she replies simply kind of. ( what kind of?! pssh she so likes him..)

Screen shots!

Made of pure gold and diamonds!

Makes me think of Jay z song big pimpin!

Good thing we have no Loli girls to feed to him...

Yeah he already ate the other pool cleaners so hes full..


Takashi I am your

Great boots you got there miss green!

Nice...uhh..side of you there Kanako

Extra detail this time on the inside this week!

*insert light saber sound effects here*

Mines bigger than yours!!

Blue sword is so hax!

More singing...and a mecha battle afterwards?!

Final thoughts!

Three episodes and all three of them are 90% the same, sighhhh not much to really say about this episode the show is kinda going into repeat mode for me anyway. I still enjoy this show but I really hope they show us something different, than fifteen minutes of story and the last half girl sings mecha battle happens Takuto wins. I am wondering why they insist on fighting him but maybe they want to test him and try to recruit him, who knows might be a funny twist if the masked group are actually the “good” guys or something cheesy like that. Wako seems to be falling more for Takuto each time she watches him battle maybe something will happen with that. Well next week looks to be alright hopefully something new happens lol I shall try my best and continue to follow this show.

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