Sora no otoshimono:Forte 03-Wrestling is fun!

American style wrestling! Wooo!

episode 3

Welcome back! today’s episode was fairly simple one with a festival and with Mikako wanting to change things up from last seasons shooting game. This year she wants to hold a sumo theme contest aka American wrestling! ( hmmm sounds..super?) Also a nice prize on the line, Mikako heard Astraea wants to “kill” tomoki she agrees to help her thus she brings on the wrestling match. ( so evil! but I don’t mind…evil…) Tomoki becomes the Masked Dupants as his other idenity wearing a pair of panties as a mask ( yes..he is a crazy fool! ) Ikaros even joins in making quick work of the other fighters. Tomoki wins his first match and moves on as they eventually get into a  tag match between Tomoki,Ikaros versus Astraea and Nymph in the third match ( yes Nymph gets in on the action! )

Astraea and Ikaros are kicked out due to them using their angel powers ( sorry ladies no powers! ) Nymph looses to Tomoki and he moves on to the final round against Mikako, who is dressed up like a cowgirl ( Very niceeee yessss )This is also a electric cage match thanks to Mikako the final match begins with Tomoki versus Mikako. Tomoki sort of wins after he uses some body lotion to escape her death grip, then moves in and steals her top as the crowd of men are excited but the girls are shocked. Before Tomoki is called the winner a mysterious masked fighter joins in! ( we can all guess who she is..ponytail is a dead give away lol! ) Tomoki is defeated and the masked girl is the winner, but afterwards Mikako declares Tomoki the winner and has to defend his new title. The last fight is the shopkeeper with the guns from the first season who shoots Tomoki to “win” ( damn can’t dodge bullets…) The episode comes to an end with Nymph eating a candy apple and running after Tomoki. ( seems Nymph is falling in love! and Ikaros is getting..jealous T_T )

Screen shots!

which is? your really a smart? xD

*side step*

Or your just so slow!

Key word there Mikako: trying

Together we shall rule the world! muhahaha!

More Nymph blushing and looking cute! :D

Needs more fireworks and explosions.

Ooooooohhh Yeaaaahh!!

I don't think you want to even try to eat that Nymph...

Tomoki goes for the kill good work masked dupants! *high five*

Ikaros: why am I here again??

I am with team Nymph! sorry Tomoki!

The girls showing their fear of Tomoki xD

Swords?! that's a first for wrestling must be smash brothers rules..

Chibi battle go!! Nymph has a grip I bet..

Nymph falling in love with Tomoki? :D

Indeed she will! prepare to loose!

Of course it will be a cage match! electric too..awesome.

Going for the breasts need new moves!

He's going to borrow your top for a few minutes...

When is he not a wild animal...

Now its turning into real wrestling! always a mysterious fighter.

Not sure his spine bends that way...well it does now..

Rest in peace Masked Dupants...*salute*

Another cute shot of Nymph eating her favorite treat!

With appearances by that evil sunbeam of censorship

Final thoughts!

Another wild and crazy episode this week I see a trend going here, but this was a fairly comical episode this week nice to see the girls wearing their wrestling costumes. Mikako really loves her violence huh? but I like that side of her makes her really funny to watch. Ikaros showed some emotion this episode only at the end covering her face a but, maybe she really can have emotion or is hiding it really well. Nymph also shows some love interest around Tomoki maybe we have ourselves a love triangle?! either way things are getting interesting between Ikaros,Nymph and probably Sohara. Well see you next week! looks like a bath themed episode so expect lots of damn sunbeams.

2 responses to “Sora no otoshimono:Forte 03-Wrestling is fun!

  1. I preferred the shoot out from last season. The wrestling was predictable, but still amusing at times. Tomoki really scared the female audience.

    Sohara reminded me of Sting the way she entered, just needs a baseball bat. Gah, but she interrupted Dupants finisher, she could have waited just a little longer xD.

    Shades ready for episode 4, bring on the beams.

    • Yeah the wrestling was alright and yes very predictable! but not to bad all in good fun, nice to see some things developing well with Nymph xD

      Lol nice

      Yes yes get ready sunbeam! ;P

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