Strike Witches2-07 Bath time and bugs!

Episode 7!

Welcome to another Strike Witches review! and what a episode we have this week! mostly a comedy themed episode with lots and I do mean lots of fan service shots! Today’s episode begins with Sanya flying in to the base really sleepy as the other girls are just about to get up, Lucchini is awake hunting for bugs to catch ( Well guess everyone has a hobby…) She discovers a odd bug and puts it in the jar and returns to base for a meeting, which turns out they have a outdoor bath made for the girls which makes them really excited. ( guess they love a good outside bath..) Before they can take the bath Mio gives them orders to run to work up a sweat, meanwhile the bug escapes Lucchini’s jar and starts to knock out the electricity on the base. After a bit of oh my god is this High school of the dead again bath scenes the girls start to get dressed, the bug starts to go for the girls pantsu’s not just one but almost all of the girls get a visit from the bug! well minus Lucchini of course. ( damn! I know D: )

With all of the power cut to the base they figure out the bug was really a Neuroi ( durr red crystal shape dead give away…) The girls then begin the hunt for the evil Bug-roi! as Mio discovers a larger Neuroi near the base and begins to give orders to take it out, in the mean time Minna has had some time to enjoy a bath while the girls go through the crazy pantsu bug ( maybe it just likes the girls O_o;; ) They finally locate the bug as it flies into Minna’s pantsu! she felt the bug and screams ( well that and everyone got a view lol…xD ) Minna ends up “killing” the Neuroi with her pantsu crushing the bug this gains her last 200th kill, the episode ends with a shot of Minna’s new medal a fitting one for her kill.


Sorry since we’ve moved domains we lost all the screenshots

Final thoughts!

Well not the best episode of the week but fits well with the show, first season had something similar so was waiting for this kind of event to happen to them again. Might not be for everyone it did have the most fan service this time around, all around good episode a bit over the top but most like that. Was nice to see a different side to Minna with her being mostly serious and happy all the time. Next episode looks to get back into them getting air born to fight more Neuroi!, with a few more episodes left it would be nice to see how they end things this time around. Thanks for reading and commenting! enjoy.

2 responses to “Strike Witches2-07 Bath time and bugs!

  1. Hartman likes to hang her washing on the Siegfried Line. Barkhorn is so bossy xD. Poor Hartman just wanted to sleep for another 40 minutes.

    Eila got rumbled trying to pull down Sanyas’ pants.

    So yeah, a good episode for fan service.

    • Lol yes yes 40more minutes then 50more minutes xD was pretty funny those two are quite fun together!

      Yeah don’t mess with Sanya! she will kick your ass

      Indeed ;D

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