HotD 07-Big trucks and zombies don’t mix.

Episode 7 review!

Welcome back to moar High School of the Dead! today’s episode follows our team of survivors, we pick up with the girls taking a bit of a rest even Saeko makes lunch for them while Hirano and Takashi keep look out. While watching some survivors get eaten alive Takashi spots a father and daughter escaping some zombies, but something isn’t well with Takashi as he watches from a far as the father tries to beg for help outside a strangers house only to be denied being helped. They do open the door for them but the girls dad is stabbed by one of the home owners who repeats forgive me over and over as he slowly dies. ( pretty sad scene T_T ) After that bit of sad factor Takashi and Hirano wanna save the girl so they plan a rescue mission, Saeko did warn him not try and save anyone but she gives into his crazy idea anyway. ( that’s why your awesome Saeko! ) With a bit of help from Rei and Saeko the plan is set to save the girl, with Hirano taking out the zombies while Takashi drives like a madman down the street  ( we do get some great music during this very cool !! )

While Takashi plays hero the others prepare the Jeep to recover their friend from danger, he arrives and saves the little girl ( voiced by Azusa from K-On!! by the way! ) Takashi helps the girl say her final good byes to her father ( more sadness T_T ) Takashi then has a crazy idea to walk with the girl on his back and carry the dog and do a balancing act on some walls with a horde of zombies to his left, the little girl on his back eventually has to well pee without being able to hold it she well goes right there ( poor Takashi…loll! ) The next few scenes are probably the coolest next to Takashi’s extreme bike stunts, with the hummer they plow through the zombies with some help from Hirano’s shooting and Saeko’s sword skills they save Takashi and the girl who’s named Alice ( hmm Resident Evil movies anyone?? xD lol jk ) The episode comes to an end with Takashi wondering how they will cross the river to return to their friends and family.

Screen caps!

Sorry since we’ve moved domains we lost all the screenshots

Final thoughts!

Great episode this week a good mix of action,drama and some fan service this week and the introduction of another character with Alice and the useless dog too. Was a bit sad watching her dad die right in front of her even thou I do know why they did it only to “protect” themselves but still…what a bunch of asses! =( Takashi was great as usual in the episode too showing he is a bit wreck less but a true hero, same for Hirano but I always think he was cool even in manga form. Got to see more of Saeko that is always a great thing for me lol not really a big Rei fan but shes alright, I also like Saya during this episode she wasn’t her whiny self which is always a plus. Next week looks to be more action and some story hopefully! can’t wait to see more, thanks for commenting!

16 responses to “HotD 07-Big trucks and zombies don’t mix.

    • Rei was quiet this time around so shes SLOWLY becoming a fun character but not gonna hold my breath she does get rather jealous fast xD

      <3<3 Saeko! so cool

  1. My only guess is because they don’t have flashbangs as a ranged distraction, they are keeping the dog just in case they need to throw him somewhere to make noise.

  2. Loads of fan service again this episode. Is it really that hot they need to wear next to nothing? xD They’re all going to end up catching colds.

    And what on earth was up with that pee-ing scene. Poor Hirano will be all wet now too ><.

  3. Will they ever make it to see their families who knows??? but a good episode in all! I definitely see that little girl causing a whole heap of problems!! But hopefully she’ll prove her worth by squeezing into a vent or something…(even though she’ll probably cry whilst she does it!!)

    • Lol well from what I remember from the manga she wasn’t that much of a cry baby after the first time she quickly warms up to them I think anyway. Great series so far! -nod-

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