Highschool of the dead! First impressions.

First impressions!

The wait is finally over! as we get to see what madhouse has been working on, Zombies,girls, and blood we have everything covered with this first episode! to start off the episode we have a bit of a shot of three students running through a few zombies and having to deal with some before making it to the roof, we have Takashi a smart and headstrong character he seems to know a bit about zombies through movies and games, with him we have Rei a girl who’s in a bit of panic ( Well most people would be screaming in this…too >.>) she is mess right now having seen some strange and crazy things. ( also voiced by Marina Inoue aka Alicia Melchiott or Kana whatever you like more lol) and last Hisashi Rei’s boyfriend. They make it to the schools roof as we are taken back to hours before the sudden outbreak of the zombie attacks, Takashi remembers a bit of his childhood with Rei making him a promise they would get married one day but things don’t go his way as Rei eventually dates another guy. ( sucks to be you..Takashi..) As he becomes depressed he witnesses something strange a man acting odd outside the school grounds.

Teachers try to deal with this strange man only to end up his first snack, slowly the outbreak spreads with the teachers first outside then very quickly spreading into the school, where Takashi and his two friends flee early before all hell breaks loose as students rush in panic to escape.  They encounter a teacher having a hard time dealing with their first zombie, Hisashi tries to play hero only to get himself bitten ( Well…that kind of sucks >.>; ) making a choice to hit the school roof they rush off to set up a barricade, but sadly Takashi’s friend starts to show signs of himself turning into a zombie he has no choice but kill his best friend, which doesn’t sit well with Rei she is certain he will live. ( Some one needs to watch more zombie movies!) Takashi kills his friend in front of Rei later on she tells him he enjoyed killing Hisashi due to them dating, but she clearly wasn’t thinking quickly rushing to Takashi to hug him tight ( well I don’t blame her..that was very dramatic!!)

Screen caps!

Sorry since we’ve moved domains we lost all the screenshots

Great episode! this is going to be one summer show no one should pass up, unless your not into uhh pantsu shots every few minutes or Gore, but all around great show so far! nice music and interesting characters. Really great character designs and top notch voice work, aside from the screaming but with a show based all around zombies there’s going to be lots of screams. Since I have read the manga to this series which was a great read even though I stopped halfway due to news of a anime series coming out, can’t wait to see what made the final cut and what was scrapped. Opening and ending music was a bit strange to me the opening felt out of place, but the ending theme worked out quite well giving us that sad atmosphere type of music. Thanks for reading! looking forward to more zombie action!!

15 responses to “Highschool of the dead! First impressions.

    • That is very true…I noticed that as well! they always cut away fast don’t they? lol lets hope they at least show something next time! -nod-

  1. Took a while for me to get round to watching this one (Yay for TAN blocking UK). That was an awesome first episode. I will definitely be following this one to the end.

    I loved how they show the students turning on each other – especially the 2 friends holding hands :lol:. Getting eaten by zombies never looked so sexy… no? I’ll leave.

    The end pan shot before the ED song reminded me of the roof from Dead Rising.

    • Indeed first episode was awesome! really gets you right into the action, aside from Rei freaking out but hey zombies can freak out some. Yes! that was great the best friends thing can see some of the dark humor of this show, yeah felt very “video game” like at the end.

  2. I’m kinda proud of myself for enduring 5 mins of it.

    It was ridiculous how the scenes with whole horde of zombies looked like half-game half-anime, not to mention HorribleSubs and the fanservice *cough*.

    Guess I just don’t have enough patience for that title.

    • Ah ya it well guess it might not be for everyone, but still a fun ride if your into zombie themed movies or games. Love the high quality animation too thats another thing I love about this show so far.

  3. I really like zombie movies, I’ve watched all my fav ones last week.. All the more reason to drop this anime abomination!

    Seriously, you’d need a lot more than to be a zombie-cinema fan to go along with it.

    • Right I can agree to that as well, helps to be a fan of the art style and characters some are annoying vs other characters who are strong and quiet. So I can see multiple reasons why some may pass on this, which is fine like I said might not be for everyone.

  4. H.O.T.D= Finished in one day. I was breathless. Gosh, I’m a girl. :L I don’t watch many zombie shit (more into ghost) but this was the shiz. A definite watch. I heard theres an OVA and the anime will continue early 2011.. :) Every episode was great and the ending of the first was so sad. I’m looking forward to its continuation.

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