Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 11 Hattori’s power of love?!

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou review!

Today’s episode picks up after Sai’s head on collision with the massive ship with everyone thinking he was crushed! but the girls have no time to sit around waiting on Sai. Keena tells Etou she knows he is alive because she can sence him around ( must be side effects of eating lots of rice…) But before they can get to happy the freaky rubber man shows up to attempt to capture Keena. Else where our student president Lily Shiraishi has a fight with Eiko, informing everyone that she murdered her father to get her current spot as head of her family. (Ohh and Lily apparently knows Luffy from One piece..she can stretch) Lily isn’t alone thou she has her friends the wolf girl,vampire and strange guga chick piloting what appears to be a gunman from Gurren Laggan to back her up. Hiroshi also joined forces with Mr Blondie Boichiro Yamato ( who’s a time traveler…ya seriously ) feeling that he needs “brave” to finish off the demon lord.

Meanwhile Etou and the 2nd class president run into Yamato who kidnaps Keena after she goes all robot split personality on everyone. ( seriously its the rice people…its bad for her!) Etou eventually beats the rubber man using liquid nitrogen, and they rush to assist Lily to take out Eiko who runs away from them. With everyone reunited they feel a earthquake as Saind the headmaster are found under the ship ( and yes Sai lifts it with one hand…) Sai quickly gets back on his dragon telling the others he wishes to go alone to finish the fight, HattoriEiko pulling out her family sword against her proclaiming her love for the Demon lord ( go Hattori!! Woooo!! ) before Eiko bites the dust Korone pops up and Eikos father who is now half machine both take her in for her crimes. The episode ends with Sai on his dragon with Brave flying right at them for one last challenge.

Final thoughts!

Not a terrible episode, but not an amazing one either. Some cool factors in this episode were seeing Lily fight for once but kind of surprised at her powers seems the creators of this have taken a page out of One piece, but then again what anime out there doesn’t pull from other shows? at least she didn’t have a mask like Ichigo off bleach. Keena’s story seems to be going in a odd direction guess that Yamato guy feels he has to save this Keena from the Demon lord to set things right in his time? I was a but surprised he was a time traveler, then again not really seeing how this show has everything now even mechs waiting for some espers and some aliens. Really loved the fact that Hattori proclaimed to everyone her love for Sai kind of figured those two would be a pair anyway. I do see the show having a good ending or leaving us with a cliff hanger for another series, Not that I would mind but wouldn’t care if they didn’t follow another series. Two episodes to go! betting one will be the end of the show and the last final will be a random crazy episode where the girls continue the battle for Sai’s attention. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Sorry since we’ve moved domains we lost all the screenshots

4 responses to “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou 11 Hattori’s power of love?!

  1. At least this episode followed on in a “sort of” logical progression from the last. Although when I watch the first episode and look at where we are now someone must have been on something.

    Rubber monster was lame. He could have at least tried, like Mr X in episode 7.

    • True this episode did follow somewhat Ill agree with you there, maybe things will continue to go this way but I still have money on the fact they will have to end with a random episode. Last I saw it had 13 episodes, Kampfer did the same thing with their series 12 was the end and 13 was totally random.

      Yeah there have been some weak and lame mini boss characters, oh I hated Mr X however I did read the guy who did some Gurren Laggan stuff did some of episode 7

    • Ahh thanks well thats really cool then hope the next episode really goes off with a great fight! and maybe set us up for another season depending on how it ends I am both 50/50 on that thou but we shall see, thanks for the news.

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