Durarara!! 17 Time to form teams.

Durarara!! 17
Welcome to another Durarara!! review today’s episode picks up where Anri pulled out her new flashy sword talking to Haruna, as well as Shizuo going crazy beating up the Saika zombies. Shizuo beats up the zombies while Celty watches him a bit amazed at his strength and power calling him awesome ( because he is awesome Celty ) suddenly as he is fighting the saika’s stop attacking him before Celty rides away she gives Shizuo a pair of gloves created out of her strange black smoke to help him with the blades the Saika’s use.  Anri is trying to help Haruna become free of Saika sharing her own memories and how everything was a lie about  her family it wasn’t sunshine and rainbows. Her father was a antique salesman and took out his aggressions out on his wife and his daughter. ( poor Anri /sadface ) Slowly Anri began to cut her self off from having any feelings of love or anything, this helped during one of her attacks her mother is seen standing behind him with glowing eyes and a sword, she takes care of the father then sadly ends her own life. Anri then reaches out and takes hold of the weapon (guess we can assume they became one during that moment)

Sorry since we’ve moved domains we lost all the screenshots

Final thoughts on this episode, really enjoyed the story on this episode seems a lot of things are happening at once, yet lots of progression too as we close the “saika” arc. Few things caught my attention this time Celty giving a part of her power away was interesting I wonder if she can give out weapons freely as well? or give someone like Mikado some protective clothes? who knows. Now that Anri has a huge role now makes me wonder what she will do with her new power protect the Dollars? or go straight for Izaya, since she knows hes pulling the strings on most of the events in the city. Kiba stepping back up as the Yellow scarfs seems cool too, can’t wait to see what happens between the three friends who now all have some deep secrets to hide. And yet I wonder who Celty and Shizuo will team up with? hopefully the Dollars due to their lack in weapons, not that I know the yellow scarfs have any maybe bats and things of that nature, Mikado wouldn’t stand much chance vs Anri and her army either. So lots happening next week too Walker opens his eyes and looks freakish in the preview I wonder what that’s about? maybe hes the true mastermind! just kidding.

Siding with team Anri if there ever is a war…sorry Kiba and Mikado good luck!

6 responses to “Durarara!! 17 Time to form teams.

  1. Man, that teacher turned out to be even more of a scumball than I thought he was. I did not realize how often we had seen him before.

    • Yes I agree hes really a crap teacher! funny how he was involved in the plot somehow, glad to see he ran into Shizuo, was the best part seeing him go flying. But I have a feeling he will be back…to stalk…more.

  2. He should just accept that he isn’t Ikebukuro material and get the hell out.

    That is a weird observation about Walker, BTW. I wonder what that portends.

    • True he should get the hint now to leave Anri alone and leave Ikebukuro, maybe Walker saw something interesting? prob a cosplayer lol… But they do comment in a earlier episode about Erika and Walker doing some interrogation things to people, could be related to that or hes just evil!? prob the generic “split” personality character.

    • Lol yes your right about that she can’t love, true they will get owned quickly by the Yellow Scarves, they better bring some weapons instead of cell phones xD

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