Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 01 & 02

Episode 1 and 2 First impressions

OP – “Izayoi Namida” by Aika Yoshioka
ED – “Kimi no Kioku” by mao

Episode one:

Chizuru (disguised as a boy) is chased by some guys, who gets killed by these crazy zombie men who then gets killed by normal Shinsengumi men. Chizuru gets taken back to their headquarters for witnessing what happened and there she meets a whole bunch of people, I’ll list them in the order of most popular to least: Hijikata, Souji and Saitou, Heisuke and Shinpachi, Kondou, Sannan and Sano they all sit in a small little circle and nice little chat, and even invited Chizuru to have dinner with them. She explains how she’s looking for her missing father and the Shinsengumi people happens to be looking for him too so they decided to let her stay. Heisuke gets punched in the face for mentioning another group of Shinsengumi (probably the villains)

Episode two:

Haijkata and Sannan returns from their trip, Sannan apparently injured his arm, so he goes all emo hiding in his room and refuses to eat food. Chizuru attempt to convince him to eat his food and he does surprisingly. Souji agree to let Chizuru go out to search for her father if she’s skilled enough so Saitou decides to test her skills, *1 second fight scene* haha it’s obvious who the winner was but Chizuru still got to go out and almost got killed! but thanks to her, they were able to find spies and hidden weapons at the shop. So now the bishie gang decided to go out to bust the Choshuu spies? hideout. Since no one is really sure whether it’s in Shikokuya or Ikedaya (the shop), Kondou the captain decides to split forces. Hijikata and most of the Shinsengumi people will go to Shikokuya while he takes the rest. Turns out the hideout was in Ikedaya and Chizuru goes with some ninja guy to inform Hijikata.


The anime is adapted from a otome game by Idea Factory, are all you fangirls/fanboys excited?! Shinsengumi means “police force” for those who don’t know. Anyways… I LOVE this show, it’s so awesomely historical. The OP was really catchy and ED theme song is EPICC.

I’m surprise to see that there are only 13 episodes, guess it’s going to be a really short series. I’m planning on watching all the way. So far there was just a lot of talking. Probably the main reason I like this show is all the hot looking bishies! *nosebleed*, unfortunately I already forgotten everybody’s names, too many characters introduced at once. The graphics is ok, passing grade. The main protagonist is average, seems kinda useless right now but I hope that will change sometime soon, it doesn’t bother me much anyways.

What is this deep dark secret the Shinsengumi is trying to keep hidden from everyone? could it have something to do with the zombie failed soldiers? Chizuru’s father probably has something to do with all of this since he’s a doctor and the Shinsengumi are looking for him too, maybe he got kidnapped and working for the bad guys. I can’t wait to see the villains! most likely that hottie blond guy in the OP, he looks very evil indeed >:) When is the action coming? hopefully next ep!

4 responses to “Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 01 & 02

  1. @Joojoobees – There’s a lot of people hating on this show xD it’s good to know that some who likes it :D Oh good point, there’s a lot of people to remember o_o, and thanks so much for the site! it’s really helpful :)

    @Reltair – Me too! :3 But I’m guessing that isn’t for a while since she haven’t found her father yet~

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