Fairy Tail – 03 & 04

Episode 03-04

Episode 3: Lucy finishes bathing and finds Natsu in her room, he asks to see her gate keys which reminded Lucy to made a contract with the key she bought in town the other day. The celestial spirit is none other than Plue, to complete the contact she asks for the dates that Plue is available. Natsu offers Lucy joins up as a team and she agrees. He brings a job posting about destroying a book at Duke’s Everlue’s mansion for a whopping 200,000 jewels, which gets up to 2,000,000 jewels later on. Natsu and Lucy goes to meet the cilent Kaby Melon who wants the book Daybreak to be destroyed no matter what. The Duke is interested in hiring blond maids so Lucy dresses up as a maid but gets rejected. Instead they sneak into the mansion, after fighting off the maids they go into the library where Natsu finds the book. Lucy being a big fan of the author Kemu Zaleon doesn’t want the book burned, the Duke finds them and goes after Lucy while Natsu fights hired merchants. Lucy tries to find the secret behind the book meanwhile Natsu ends up blowing up the whole mansion along with the mercenaries.

Episode 4: Duke Everlue grabs Lucy from behind and demands to know the secret behind the book, Happy comes to the rescue. Everlue reveals the fact that he blackmailed Kemu Zaleon to write the book in prison. Turns out that Kemu used his remaining strength to cast a spell over the book, Lucy tells him that there is another secret which is why she is refusing to give up the book, she goes on to summon the Crab man Cancer and Everlue summons his Maiden Virgo along with Natsu who tagged along. Natsu and Lucy defeat Virgo and Everlue but they get away before the mansion collapses. Back at Kaby’s house Lucy hands over the book and reveals the fact that Kaby is Kemu Zaleon’s son. The spell on the book activates rearranging letters on the entire book, revealing that the book is actually a letter to his son Kaby. Natsu notices that Kaby and his wife were actually posers who pretended to be rich, since the job wasn’t completed he decides not to take the reward money. Lucy and Natsu spends the night together and take off next morning, they find Gray hiding in the bushes, Gray give the news that Erza is coming back soon, she is also known as the strongest female in Fairy Tail. Happy gets kidnapped by a group of hungry wizards. Natsu and Gray defeats them easily, one of the wizards mentioned something about a lullaby before a shadow hand pulls them into the ground. Back in town Erza returns.

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